Saudi Dexterity is a leading performance improvement company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivering the full spectrum of Asset Management, Risk Management and Operational Excellence solutions.

We provide consulting, training and troubleshooting solutions across multiple industries. Our goal is to help our partners achieve greater efficiencies and improved margins by realizing the full potential of plant, people and process.


To be the most trusted solutions provider to our business partners in the field of Asset Management, Operational Excellence and Risk Management.

Our Value Proposition

  1. We are KSA wholly owned and locally based company
  2. Our consultants and instructors are subject matter experts
  3. We understand the industry and the challenges they face
  4. Because we are locally based, you can count on us to be with you through out your improvement journey


  • Maintenance and Reliability Best Prcatices and CMRP Exams Proctoring
  • Maintenance and Reliability Best Prcatices and CMRPT Exams Proctoring
  • Fundamentals of Reliability Engineering
  • Maintenance Work Management Systems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Asset Management and CAMA Exams proctoring
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance -RCM
  • Maintenance Leadership
  • Maintenance Managemen

DEXTERITY Consulting

We provide the following value for money consultancy services:

  1. Maintenance Reliability Effectiveness Assessment
  2. Operational Excellence Framework Design, Development and Deployment
  3. Asset Strategy Development and Optimization
  4. Operational Reliability Strategy Design, Development and Deployment
  5. Reliability Modelling and Prediction using client failure data
  6. Decet Elimination/FRACASS program development and deployment
  7. Asset Management (ISO 55001:2014) Assessment and preparation for certification
  8. Technician Productivity Studies (Wrench Time Studies)
  9. Strategy Goal Deployment
  10. Asset Master Data Development -(Asset Registry, Hierarrcy, Criticality, Strategies etc)

Our Discipline Technical Authorities are able o facilitate troubleshooting sessions to help you identify the cause of failures of your critical equipment. They will lead solution implememtaions, training and coaching your Engineers.